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Own or looking to buy a rental property in Hamilton? Here’s 4 charts you need to see.

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Author: Oliver Pearson

Manager and Property Investor for 20+ years

Nov 9, 2023
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Trade Me is where 99% of tenants go when they are looking for a house to rent. So we can learn a lot about what's in hot demand (and what's not) by looking at some of the data that Trade Me shares with us.


These are the charts that we think offer most insight to investors evaluating their portfolio or considering their next purchase in Hamilton.



1. How long is it taking to find a tenant?


Median number of days Hamilton rental properties are available on Trade Me

Over the last 12 months the time it takes for landlords and property managers to find new tenants has been trending lower, from 20 days in November 2022 to 17 days in October 2023.


That suggests that demand is strong and good tenants are being signed up quite quickly.



2. How much rent are tenants looking to pay?


Demand (Trade Me searches) and Supply (new listings) by weekly rent



This chart tells us that the majority of Hamilton rentals sit in the $600-700/week area and demand is proportionally outstripping supply there – so you might like to target your search in that part of the market.


On the flip side of the coin, supply continues to outstrip demand in the lower end of the market ($450/week and lower).



3. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms?



2 to 3 bedrooms are a safe bet, strong demand from tenants there, and 2 bathrooms is more desirable than 1.



4. Hot Hamilton Suburbs



Ideally you’d want to own an investment property in a suburb that is high up the list of most searched suburbs (top chart) but is light on listings (low down the list on the bottom chart).


I’ve highlighted several suburbs that satisfy both those criteria – Rototuna, Flagstaff and Chartwell.

Image of Oliver Pearson

Oliver Pearson

Manager and Property Investor for 20+ years

Image of Oliver Pearson

Oliver Pearson

Manager and Property Investor for 20+ years

Oliver Pearson began investing in property aged 21 and has since bought, developed and sold real estate in the UK, USA, South East Asia and New Zealand. After a career in banking he is now on the management team at Waikato Real Estate and has contributed to property articles for NZ Herald, Stuff and Property Investor Magazine.

Based in Raglan, Oliver's passions extend beyond property to surfing, hydrofoiling, and providing a taxi service for his children.

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