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Viewing and Applying for your new Home

Find all the information you need to rent a home through Waikato Real Estate. We’re here to ensure renting is a positive experience; whether you’re a seasoned tenant, or first time renter.

Paying Rent

Weekly rent payments are required to be paid by automatic payment with your bank. All you need to provide the bank is the information below, your weekly rental amount, and a specified day each week for payment

The Bond

The bond equates to 4 weeks rent and can be paid anytime from when you sign your tenancy agreement to when you collect your keys from our office.

Your Move In Day

On your move in day, you can collect your keys from our office any time from 9am.


Waikato Real Estate properties are inspected every 3-4 months.

There is no legal limit on the times we can inspect. We are required to give you a minimum notice of 48 hours.

Ending your Tenancy

Things not working out or your circumstances have changed? Find out how to end your tenancy.

Tenancy Tips

A guide to some of the most commonly asked questions when renting. We’ve got a checklist to help you work through most issues or contact one of our specialist property managers.

Maintenance Troubleshooting

Before booking a repair job have a quick look at quick fixes for common issues.

Search Properties to Rent

Search houses for rent in your local area. We’re here to help you find your next home.

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