TradeMe searches up, Vacancy rates down in Hamilton

Ksenia Kruchkina

Aug 11, 2021

TradeMe is a digital monster! Their sales listings register over 52,000,000 views each month, and based on the amount of traffic their website sees, they are able to offer some great insights on Hamilton’s property market.


Here’s what we learnt about the Hamilton property market when we caught up with our local TradeMe expert.


The first question we asked was - which houses are most popular and who is using TradeMe to search property?


TradeMe Property Google Analytics show that 3 bedroom 2 bathroom properties are most popular and the most heavily viewed listings are in the $900k price bracket.  Almost half of the audience is over 55 years old and, on average, spend 7 minutes browsing properties.


Next up - what words and phrases are most often searched for? With little or no chance to take an overseas holiday, we find the most searched keyword is “pool”. Makes sense!


Interestingly, “Income” and “Home and Income” score very highly. Despite the changing legislative environment facing property investors, there is still significant interest from buyers looking to derive an income from property.


Coupled with the demand on the buy side, we are finding that the supply of rental properties is very tight indeed.


At Waikato Real Estate we manage 1,000+ rental properties, of which an astonishing 99.75% are currently tenanted.


In the 36 years that we’re been in business, we have never had an occupancy rate so high (and a vacancy rate so low).


Considering selling and think your property might appeal to an investor?


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