The Importance of Tradespeople for Property Investors

Oliver Pearson

Jul 29, 2020
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Asking for repairs is one of the main concerns tenants have when living in rental properties, with 1 in 7 reporting they’re afraid they’ll be evicted if they request maintenance. Building trust and transparency through good communication helps ease this process for all involved, as well as increasing the chances the tenant will stay in the property long-term.


But when it comes to completing the maintenance, property managers rely on the tradespeople they work with to follow the same high standards, or they risk damaging their relationship with the tenant. If a tradesperson arrives late, is rude to the tenant or doesn’t complete the job properly, it can be a source of great frustration for everyone involved.


Reliable and professional tradespeople are worth their weight in gold.


As well as safeguarding tenant relationships, timely maintenance is also essential in protecting the value of the property. Landlords and Property Managers need to know they can rely on a high quality of work at all times, from a proactive tradesperson who is looking out for any issues that have the potential to be costly in the future. Working with the same reliable professional every time helps ease the minds of landlords who want the best for their investments.


How we select Tradespeople to maintain your Investment Property


There are a lot of tradespeople out there, but how do you know when you’ve found one you can trust? Like many businesses and services, referrals are a great first step in finding a good tradie. We ask for recommendations from our professional network and read online reviews. Above all, getting personal recommendations and asking questions are invaluable in finding a tradesperson you can rely on.


When onboarding a tradesperson we will fully vet their credentials (check references, insurance, licensing etc). We also explain our minimum service standards and finally we will negotiate a bulk buying discount, which provides our landlords with a better deal than the man on the street.

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