Happy to Import your Car from Japan, but not an Investment Property? This article might change your mind

Oliver Pearson

Oct 27, 2020
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Mike Greer used pre-fabrication in a factory in Christchurch to help build more than 1000 houses a year during the height of the rebuild from 2013 to 2019 and sees the opportunity to build thousands more in and around Auckland and the Waikato as New Zealand scrambles to fill a shortage estimated at more than 50,000. Christchurch’s affordability and rents improved dramatically relative to the rest of New Zealand over that time.

“This is a far better product -- far higher quality. It’s hard for New Zealanders to understand because we think we build a good house, but these houses are just so much better than anything done in New Zealand,” he says.

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Mike's show home is being built in nearby Te Kauwhata and should be essential viewing for any Waikato property investor looking to grow their portfolio. 

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